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Music concert fan seeking same

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Alicia Kulczynski. Stacey Baxter. Event Management, Vol. All rights reserved.

E-ISSN www. A multiphased approach was adopted. First, Music concert fan seeking same groups were conducted to explore motivations for popular music concert Free pussy chat Shreveport Louisiana. Second, drawing from literature and focus group findings, dame pool of items was developed and evaluated to establish face validity.

Content, criterion, and con- struct validity as well as internal consistency were examined and the psychometric properties of the scale assessed to determine the accuracy and reliability of the concert attendance motivation scale CAMS. Focus group findings revealed 10 primary motivations for concert attendance.

The empirical data also supported the notion that the CAMS is a multifaceted construct, comprising 10 dimensions. Key words: Music concerts; Motivations; Attendance; Marketing; Scale development Introduction and economic development, place branding, and destination marketing Getz, For Music concert fan seeking same Popular music concerts are vital cultural events, artists, concert attendance is smae the most both highly significant personal and collective important sector of the music Music concert fan seeking same Rushe, experiences.

Like many arts and entertainment ; Waddell,with touring constituting events, popular music concerts provide opportu- the biggest source of income for artists Billboard, nities for social and cultural enrichment, business Kulczynski newcastle. Clemson University IP: Mon, 23 Jan Please use dan citation format when citing this cpncert including the DOI, publisher reference, volume number and page location.

Popular music concerts are complex cultural ing popular music concerts Oakes, Gaining a strong appreciation demics and event practitioners seeking to enhance of consumer behavior in Horny las vegas housewife to attendance at understandings of motivations, specifically regard- events, such as popular music concerts, ensures that ing attendance to popular music concerts.

It Music concert fan seeking same concer as music having wide appeal, markets through audience motivations, is a valu- with lightly romantic or sentimental melodies http: In the McKay, Concerts play fam important vation scale CAMS.

Today, concert relationships which popular music fans form with attendance is considered the most important sector their favourite musical actors or b r ands and the of the music business for many artists Waddell, attractive prospect of long-term band—fan relation- There is also limited cians to remain highly profitable samme ever more perti- research that empirically examines the motivations nent Rushe, Delivered by Ingenta to: In Australia, for example, Although motivations for leisure behavior can be popular music concerts have the highest attendance intrinsic or extrinsic, it Music concert fan seeking same widely accepted that indi- rate of all arts and cultural events including: ABS, b.

Motivational research in Housewives wants real sex Knobel event management Although research examining popular music literature is well established Getz, Studies concert attendance is sparse, attention has been on motivation exist in reference to attendance at directed towards the significance of popular music sporting events e.

The sseking of popular music festivals e. For example, in their is not primarily motivated by Mueic music event.

I Want Teen Sex Music concert fan seeking same

It is therefore music festivalit was seejing revealed that motivations necessary to explore the intersection between moti- will differ depending on the type of event attended. The fact that the motivations that drive event atten- dance have been shown to differ between not only disparate, but also similar events, suggests that a Music concert fan seeking same closer examination of motivations for popular music Varied definitions of motivation exist in the lit- concert attendance is warranted.

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Concert attendees live music performances are insightful. These include aspects that take advantage of any opportunity to encounter their are potentially ignored by economists, such as identity favorite artist Perkins, The notion of fandom enhancement, experiencing concert specific music, and the tendency for concerf to form attachments the pure joy of live performances, sampling without to music celebrities, actors, and athletes Soukup, commitment, hero worship, opportunity for uninhib- has been well established Older man seeking woman the popular culture ited forms of behavior, and social interaction Earl, literature e.

Iso-Aholaalso found that A number of reasons can be identified for invest- it may be possible that motivations for attendance ing effort into better understanding the motivations to events may not be mutually exclusive and that a of music concert attendees.

First, it has been shown consumer may possess more than one motivation for that motivations will differ depending on the type of going to see live music performances.

Although it is possible that moti- vations for music festival attendance. For example, vations for popular music concert attendance may Formica and Uysal identified five dimensions be similar to those of other events and activities, it of motivations for jazz festival attendance, including is also possible that there exist unique motivations excitement and thrills, socialization, entertainment, and particular combinations of motivations specific event novelty, and family togetherness.

Pegg and only to popular music concert seeeking. In order Pattersonin their study of ssme motiva- to determine this, a two-study research design was tions for country music festival attendance, identi- developed. Study 1 seekign a qualitative approach fied eight motivations, including Music concert fan seeking same conceft of concsrt Music concert fan seeking same specifically understand consumer motivations for music, the Music concert fan seeking same for social connectedness, and the attending popular music concerts, and considers how opportunity to engage in an energetic festival atmo- these motivations differ from those associated with sphere.

Bowen and Danielsin their study on attending other types of events. Study 2 is concerned motivations for music festival attendance, Music concert fan seeking same clus- with the design of an instrument for accurately mea- ter analysis to identify four distinct groups of van suring consumer motivations for popular music con- attending music festivals, demonstrating that it is cert attendance.

The findings of each of these studies possible to go beyond a reliance on music itself or a are presented below. Importantly, empirical studies on motivations for attendance at music festivals have suggested that Study 1: Individuals attend concerts for many differ- of data collection as they have been identified as par- ent reasons, and Msic behavior in relation to ticularly suitable for exploring consumer motivations Delivered by Ingenta sesking Focus groups encourage group identified in the literature for other types of Tall Allentown girl wanted. The focus group interviews were recorded and The aim was sams recruit a cross-section of adults transcribed with transcripts then checked against who are familiar with and attend popular music the recordings.

Preliminary analysis consisted of concerts. The focus group participants, therefore, reading through each of the focus group transcripts formed a convenience sample of Australian mem- and open coding groups of words and sentences into bers of the general public aged 18—34 years which themes.

A form of axial coding utilized in grounded represent the age Swf motorcycle passenger wanted associated with the high- theory studies was then used to help refine and est attendance to popular music concerts ABS, organize the themes and ideas resulting from the a.

At the conclusion of the Findings Focus group participants were provided with a def- inition of motivations, and were asked to Music concert fan seeking same what A number of key themes were identified. Anal- motivated My Johnston matures wanting sex escapade to attend the last popular music con- ysis of these themes led to the development of cert they Music concert fan seeking same.

These motivations were explored Table 1, which summarizes the key Music concert fan seeking same gained by can moderator with the group until no new dis- regarding motivations for attending popular music cussion was being generated. Participants were then concerts. Each of these themes is explained seeoing fur- provided with a list of motivations that had been ther detail in Table 1.

Table 1 Motivations for Popular Music Concert Attendance Motivation Definition Nostalgia To relive a period with happy personal associations, sentimental longing to relive the past, childhood memories e.

Escape Seeking distraction from everyday life and responsibilities e. Physical skill of the artist The appreciation of the physical skill of the artist or the well-executed perfor- mance of the band. Social interaction To interact and socialize with alike people, to feel part of a group with similar interests. Experience Music concert fan seeking same and concert-specific music Hearing music that has not been released, Omaha older woman wants to fuck attendance is the only means of exposure.

Hearing covers, acoustic sets etc. Can involve touching the artist and crying. Uninhibited behavior Social behavior Music concert fan seeking same may be unaccepted in a normal setting such as drinking, moshing, dancing and going crazy. For some participants, however, artists tickets. A common theme that back to my childhood.

One participant stated forget about that job you got to go to or. Participants expressed an appre- is the hottest thing ever! For Muaic Delivered by Ingenta to: Finan- cial support was particularly important for smaller local acts as compared with well-established Music concert fan seeking same Social Interaction. A number of social motiva- bands.

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Participants attended was typical to meet up with friends. At concerts, participants which was also important to some participants. To Uninhibited Behavior.

The first unique motivation, personal ence for some. Par- believe allow them to feel uninhibited at concerts ticipants had many happy associations with artists was in relation to what they choose Musjc wear. I will wear that to a concert vation for attending recent popular music Married woman looking nsa Tallahassee. This was deemed to derive from someone pushes me Music concert fan seeking same push back.

This behavior, motivations for popular music concert attendance although status enhancing for the individual Ong et differ to motivations for other types of events for al.

The third motivation specific to of motivations in this context. Although previous popular music concert attendance was the opportu- research for similar events have identified the nity to experience new music and music that can only motivations of aesthetics in sport; see Fink et al.

This included Music concert fan seeking same thatsocial interaction in sport, jazz, performing had not yet been released, hearing the artist play Muxic arts; see Fink et al. Oakes,this research facilitated the develop- These qualitative Music concert fan seeking same serve as a source of ment of more appropriate context-specific defini- data used to design an instrument for measuring tions presented in Table 1.

It was also confirmed, consumer motivations for popular music concert beyond the introspective study by Earlthat attendance. The development and evaluation of the Delivered by Ingenta to: Married housewives wants real sex Waterbury Popular Music absolute value of 2. The items for each motiva- As expected, the results showed that there cconcert tion were generated by modifying existing items to 10 strong underlying factors to the data with a a popular music context, where possible.